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FREE FOR LIFE INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit fundraising organization committed to setting sex-trafficking victims free for life by financially supporting local organizations. We re-designed FFLI during a 48-hour design blitz in Charlottesville, VA coordinated by Journey Group and New City Arts.

We produced a new logo, color palette, brand standards, brochure, and promotional video—all consistent with positioning statements we drafted for them. The logo is a broken chain link refashioned into a heart, symbolizing the process of sex-trafficking victims recovering their humanity. The video and brochure featured icons to serve as visual anchors for the four major aspects of FFLI. The visuals were designed to be distinct from other anti-sex trafficking organizations and to emphasize hope despite the dark reality of modern day slavery.

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FORGOTTEN VOICES is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way orphan care is delivered in Africa. They came to us for a logo refresh, assistance in the writing of a new tagline and a complete overhaul of how they explain what they do to people new to their organization.

We worked with Forgotten Voices to develop a visual language that could be used consistently across multiple types of media to tell their story using simple graphics to quickly show what they do and how it is different from other organizations. We then used those assets to design and produce multiple printed and screen based pieces including stationary, web assets, donor outreach collateral and multiple Christmas appeals.

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FIRE DROPS are all-natural throat lozenges made with cayenne pepper. All of their profits go to the Not For Sale Campaign, fighting to end modern day slavery.

Fire Drops needed us to create an identity for them. We began with the logo and tagline, "Attack Your Throat," designed packaging, a website, and made a promotional kit in a refurbished cigar box. It was awesome to work with such an innovative product for an inspirational cause.

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COMMUNITY MINORITY CULTURAL CENTER in Lynn asked us to help them take an established annual event to a new level. The MLK Day Breakfast has been their largest fundraiser for a number of years but didn't present the organization as the progressive and professional organization that it is.

By creating a theme based on the identity of current residents of Lynn and how their aspirations link with the words of MLK we helped them to not only show themselves as the high-functioning organization that they are but we also brought the current residents of Lynn into the celebration and helped to fulfill the CMCC's goal of creating a true city-wide MLK Day celebration.

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PLUM COVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is a public school in Gloucester, MA committed to making students successful, engaged, life-long learners. Plum Cove needed an identity to reflect the excitement and ownership of locals who had put in their own time and effort to rejuvenate an old school building and playground. We created a playful mark to highlight the school's proximity to the ocean and the wooded areas that border the playground.

We extended the logo into a series of marks to sync with the changing seasons - allowing students to see a constantly morphing school identity that worked as a learning element for teachers and parents. The seasons were presented in a set of posters that included animal icons that allowed for student interaction including counting games, animal habitat and seasonal weather patterns.

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CIVA liked the new identity we created for them so much that they asked us to concept and produce all the visuals for their Biennial Conference - CULTURE.

We started by building a set of icons to represent many of the different cultural influences felt in our society today. Those elements were then combined to build a number of different "crests" to show the many different combinations that make up each of our cultural backgrounds. These elements were then applied across a number of different artifacts from printed pieces and signage to digital communication and screen graphics.